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123 Lyman Street
P.O. Box 15499
Asheville, NC 28813

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...a turnkey finishing company that provides a diverse range of services. These services include:
� Sheet metal & machining
� Heat treating
� Powder Coating
� Electroplating,
� and Buffing & Polishing
Our diversity allows TLF to operate in various fields including the automotive, medical, commercial, and electronics industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities are home to some of the finest equipment found in the southeastern United States.
Charlotte Metal Finishing

Charlotte Metal Finishing, Inc. is a specialized facility strategically dedicated to Buffing and Polishing.  This new 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility accommodates the Automotive, Electronic, Aviation, Medical and Recreation fields.  Our unique location allows us to act as a stating...  [More]


Asheville Paint & Powder

Provides high quality powder coat finishing to meet your deadlines and specifications.  Customer Powder Coating, Five Stage Pre-Treatment System, In-House Chromate Conversion System, Environmentally Controlled Powder Coat Room, Wide Variety of Colors and Textures, Automatic [More]

Asheville Metal Finishing

"Asheville Metal Finishing's very satisfied customers include some of the following industries:  Medical, Construction, Recreational, Automotive, and Aviation.  Our goal is to get and keep satisfied customers, and we are looking forward to making you one of our most satisfied customers."  [More]

T-Fab and Precision

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining, Powder Coating, Electroplating, Buffing, Polishing and Vibratory Finishing.   We offer precision fabrication from 24 gauge to 3/8" thick materials.  [More]

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